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Taking Down a Shed Safely and Affordably!

Over time, sheds that were once brand-new deteriorate into broken, busted versions of their former selves. Sometimes, repairs are more trouble than they’re worth and you need shed demolition. The question is, who should you call?

We’re here to tell you that Junk Cow is the answer! Our team is experienced with all sorts of demolition services, meaning we know how to bring down structures safely and carefully. Plus, we’re fully insured so you never have to worry about liability!

How Our Shed Removal Works

Shed removal is a lengthy process that, when done incorrectly, could result in property damages or even injury. Instead of taking on difficult work yourself, count on the experts at Junk Cow to handle it for you!

The Shed Removal Process

  • Planning. We make a plan to bring down your shed safely.
  • Demolition. Next, we demolish the shed with utmost caution.
  • Hauling. Then, we begin hauling the remnants of the shed to our truck.
  • Payment. Finally, simply pay for our services and we’re all done!

The Trustworthy Demolition Crew

It’s imperative that you choose a team you can trust for your shed removal. After all, there are risks involved with demolition jobs, and you don’t want to be held responsible by an uninsured team that doesn’t know what they’re doing. So skip the Joe Schmoes and their Craigslist offerings. For a job this serious, go straight to the experts!

  • Our fully insured team makes all the difference. No risks, no liability.
  • We’ve done this time and time again, so you can trust us to do demolition right.
  • We make a careful plan to avoid all unnecessary damages to your property.
  • Save yourself the risky business of attempting shed removal on your own!

Cost of Shed Removal

Pay a fair, transparent price and get treated with honesty at Junk Cow!

  • Our upfront quotes explain what you’ll be paying before we even start working.
  • Once you accept our quote, the price is final, meaning no hidden costs or fees.
  • We price our jobs our according to volume (the space the junk takes up in our truck).
  • Get your shed removal for a straightforward price with no unpleasant surprises!

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Junk Cow is your five-star-rated, veteran-owned provider of junk removal services you can trust. What’s more, we have same-day and next-day availability, meaning you can get the shed removal you need fast! We want to tend to your urgent needs and leave you satisfied. All you have to do is let us know what you want!

Call us now at (248) 929-5865! Or, if you prefer, book online. Either way, we’ll be happy to serve you a cost estimate before letting you choose a time and date for your appointment. Then we’ll give you our 2-hour arrival window. You’ll see us during those hours, so see you soon!

Limited Time Offer Save $20 When You Book Today!

Limited Time Offer Save $20 When You Book Today!

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